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we are determined to disrupt these statistics.

The educational experience of online classrooms is not serving our low-income youth.


We want to bridge this educational divide while creating job training and placement opportunities for Black and Latinx youth in South LA. Our vision is to inspire them to see possibility and opportunity in their lives by introducing them to experiences they do not normally or easily have access to. 

SoLa Impact is helping to bridge this digital divide by creating South LA's first state-of-the-art Technology & Entrepreneurship Center.

COVID-19 is exacerbating the existing opportunity gaps created by lack of after-school resources and technology education.

COVID-19 related budget cuts in public schools have created a need for civic and community organizations to provide additional educational programming.

Now more than ever, there is a need to invest in educational opportunities for South LA youth.

We seek not only to bridge the gap between an increasingly technological economy and the educational and professional backgrounds of those living in South L.A., but also to provide new access points for students, job seekers, and job creators to collaborate locally.


It's a question of opportunity, not ability

Southern California has recently become one of the largest technology markets in the country. 

But LA’s $92 billion tech industry is not reaching our communities.

When surveying the 13 largest public high schools in South L.A., we found that 87% of students lack access to tech related electives.
Southern California’s technology sector has one of the lowest percentage of Black and Latinx workers in the country.

We believe that promising South LA youth like Pedro deserve a chance to pursue their goals. Our Center’s programs will integrate area youth to industries driving today’s economy and in the future.


SURGE will offer high quality educational programming, leadership development and community activities in an exciting and safe environment free of charge to the community. Through SURGE, we hope expose area youth to skills and training in technology and media that will help them access high growth employment in technology industries. We will ensure that the center can offer the best safety and security standards possible in the COVID-19 era.



FALL 2020

  • Capital Raising

  • Construction

  • Purchasing

  • Partnership Formation


winter 2020

  • Grand Opening

  • Youth Enrollment

  • Educational Programming

  • Community Outreach



  • Post-Covid Programs

  • Expansion

covid-19 safety protocols

  • Maximum occupancy enforced

  • Temperature checks before entry

  • 6ft spacing between computer terminals

  • Plexiglass dividers

  • Disinfectant foggers for work stations before & after use

  • Special anti-viral HVAC filter system

  • Handwashing stations




With paid wages for entry-level technology jobs often 70%+ higher than other entry- level positions in other fields, the wage-earning potential is enormous. Our goal is to secure wage-earning positions for all of-age program participants within 18 months of enrollment.


Our Center will work to put kids on a path to career success, offering job shadowing programs, mentorship opportunities, an internship placement program, and career exposure programming.


Our programs are designed to combat the effects of childhood and community trauma by providing a year-round, safe space that will spark creativity and innovation in our scholars. Our ultimate goal is to help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, unlock their full potential, and develop youth into academically accomplished leaders.

Our programs include

Robotics • Esports & Game Development
Virtual & Augmented Reality • Coding • Entrepreneurship Animation & Visual Effects • Digital Media
Music Production • App Development
Podcast Production • Financial Technology


SoLa Impact is a family of social impact, real estate funds focused on high-quality affordable housing, catalyzing economic development, and providing access to educational opportunities in low-income communities. SoLa Impact was recently recognized as the nation’s leading Urban OZ fund by Forbes & the Sorenson Impact Center.


Our proven track record leverages data-driven social impact strategies to deliver superior financial returns. SoLa Impact’s $115 million Opportunity Zone (OZ) fund invests in designated OZs in South Central Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, and other historically disadvantaged communities. SoLa’s social impact teams are primarily focused on the critical issues of homelessness, access to higher education, and creating living-wage jobs in these communities.

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The Beehive is SoLa’s OZ business campus, comprised of 100,000 square feet of commercial space located only ten minutes south of downtown Los Angeles.  Comprised of six unique and architecturally beautiful red-brick warehouses, this project will transform the local neighborhood and economy in the true spirit of the OZ legislation as the “nation’s first OZ business campus.”

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